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Letters of Recommendation

Accounting Industry



Millward & Co. CPAs

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known John Capizzi for 15 years and he has always proven to be reliable in every aspect. Whether there was a meeting scheduled or a crisis, John was there. He is a true and valuable team player. John always demonstrates a high level of integrity in every situation as well as being very responsive. He is trustworthy; hence someone you can count on.

Very truly yours,

Sheldon L. Steiner
Millward & Co, CPAs



Koch Reiss & Company, P.A.

I have known John Capizzi for approximately 15 years. John has the intelligence, fortitude, tenacity and drive to always do a superb job and determine what the problems are in the various companies he is working with. John is a realist with concrete ideas on how to get to the solution, given the problem that he has been challenged with. He is innovative and extremely detailed with his unique approach to problem solving. I would hire John without question.


Koch Reiss & Company, P.A.
Jeffrey B. Koch, CPA/PFS





Daszkal Bolton LLP
Certified Public Accountants

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known John bother personally and professionally for over ten years. In addition to being an all-around great human being, I have always found him to be proficient, diligent, and an unparalleled expert in his field. He maintains the highest standards within his profession and is a valuable business resource to any company. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Internal Audit Services, Inc. to anyone in need of his expertise.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey A. Bolton, CPA


Ron Santini CPA, PFS

I’ve known John professionally for over 10 years. I heard all the stories about his work. I didn’t really understand the power of believe the entire story until I needed his services.

I called John and told him that one of my employees was missing money from her purse and that I suspected the thief to be a coworker. We set an appointment to discuss the details and told me that when he was done we would have a signed confession, a resignation and restitution from the thief.

I laughed, not thinking it possible. The suspect was from the “streets”. I was sure she would “go to the grave” with the information, and never reveal that she did it.

Only two hours into the interview, John emerged, with a smile on his face and said “I’ve got a signed confession, a resignation and restitution”. The employee actually was ashamed of her actions and apologized to all.

Thanks John. You’re a real professional.

Ron Santini CPA, PFS



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