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Letters of Recommendation

Contracting, Construction, and Supply Industries





The purpose of this letter is to provide a professional and personal recommendation for Internal Audit Services, Inc., and specifically John Capizzi.


Hill York engaged Internal Audit Services to investigate a specific issue regarding improper actions by some of our employees.  The investigation was performed in a prompt and professional manner; providing results that were beyond our expectations …and resolving all of our fears.


The most positive aspect of their work and the “net result” was that many of the employees interviewed came away with a stronger feeling of commitment to the values and standards at our company, and those responsible for the inappropriate actions were quickly identified. 


I was particularly impressed with John and his direct and timely responses to all communications.  This led to an efficient process; both internally with respect to the use of time of our Management as well as helping to maintain reasonable costs. 


We would be pleased to recommend Internal Audit Services, Inc. and John Capizzi for any engagement they would consider.


Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.




Hill York Corporation


Herbert Dell




Eagle Electric Supply/NorthEast Electrical
Carl D. Brand, President

To Whom It May Concern:

Internal Audit Services is a professional organization that gets results in a quick and efficient manner.

Carl D. Brand, President





Causeway Lumber

To Whom It May Interest:

Causeway Lumber is more than satisfied with the results when we feel the need to engage the expertise of Internal Audit Services, Inc.

Dealing with situations such as fraud and internal theft are never pleasant experiences. The “silver lining in the cloud” of these unfortunate incidents has been the professionalism and personal attention John Capizzi has rendered.

In the few instances where Internal Audit’s Services were required, we can say that we were pleased to be able to bring closure to each, recover a significant amount of loss and be presented with the option to prosecute in a confident manner.

M. Scott Whiddon
Causeway Lumber Company



United Service Training Corp.

John has been teaching internal audit procedures to our contractor members since 1998. Our contractors walk away from his seminar with a new sense of understanding how important it is to be able to conduct an interview with an employee who is expected of misdeeds. John is a master at getting information out of people with his smooth and professional approach. Any employer who has even the slightest suspicion of theft from an employee should call John. With his experience and expertise he can save a company thousands of dollars by stopping and preventing theft that have caused many businesses to go bankrupt.

Mike Hadley
United Service Training Corp.
Plumbing Workforce of America





Stiles Corporation
Steve Palmer

John Capizzi and Internal Audit Services bring the highest standards of excellence and expertise to his profession. I highly recommend John and his company for anyone in need of his services.

Steve Palmer
Vice President


Advanced Roofing


Our company has utilized Internal Audit Services, Inc. for investigation into possible employee dishonesty and theft. We have also utilized Internal Audit Services for consultation in hiring practices regarding background investigations.

Mr. John Capizzi is the ultimate professional! Whatever the circumstance, when we required services, we received very professional and immediate attention. It is always a pleasure working with John Capizzi. We would be pleased to recommend John and Internal Audit Services, Inc. where investigation, risk management and loss prevention are required.

Very truly yours,

Robert P. Kornahrens



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